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Origami Santa Claus

Origami Santa Claus Instructions

Santa Claus
Step 1Start off by obtaining two square sheets of paper - preferably proper origami paper (white on one side, coloured on the other).
Step 2Make two folds, one at the top of the sheet and one at the bottom. Ensure that these are not too large to avoid problems later (Don't worry if you make a mistake, there will be an opportunity to fix it up later).
Step 3Turn the sheet over (ensuring that the folds are at the top and bottom on the back, rather than left and right) and crease vertically down the centre.
Step 4Fold both sides into the centre crease made in step 3.
Step 6Once you have folded the sides into the middle crease, your model should look like the image to the left.
Step 7Diagonally fold the sides out, with the origin of the fold being just below the middle of the model. Then fold the top of the model down until the arms of the santa are in line with its shoulder area.
Step 8If you have correctly followed the above steps, you should have created the Santa Claus body which resembles the image to the left.
Step 9Grab another square of paper, have it facing coloured side up and make a small fold on the bottom and one of the other sides (Left or right - Not the top!).
Step 10Fold the top-post point down approximately one fifth of the paper (as shown in the image)
Step 11Fold over your previous one at the top once more, then fold over it again. You should no longer be able to see a triangle (in the image), it should have been folded in.
Step 12Turn the model over (Pointy side down, straight edge up).
Step 13Bring the left side approximately three quarters of the way towards the right - as depicted in the image.
Step 14Do the same with the right side, bring it over so that it lines up with the left edge; then crease it.
Step 15Flip it over then make a small fold up from the pointy edge at the bottom of the model.
Step 16Turn it back over and this image should be your final result.
Step 17Finally, attach the head to the body and the Santa Claus model is complete.

Attach some string to the top of the hat and you can make it a Christmas Tree decoration.