Structural Devices

  • Headlines (Heading/title at the top of an article or page)
  • Subheadings (Heading of a subsection of a piece of text)
  • Connectives (Used to connect words/phrases (e.g. and, or, as))
  • Paragraphs
  • Topic sentences
  • Discourse features

Linguistic Devices

  • (In)formal register (Formality of the language used)
  • Metaphors (A thing regarded symbolic of something else)
  • Similes (Figure of speech – comparison of one thing with another)
  • Personification (Attributing non-human items with human characteristics)
  • Repetition (Repeating something that has already been said or written)
  • Groups of three (Repeating something three times for effect)
  • Modifiers (An adjective or noun used attributively)
  • Emotive Language (Expressing feelings)
  • Imperatives (Giving an authoritative commands)
  • Modal Verbs (Must, should, could, can)
  • Rhetorical Questions (Asked to produce an effect/make a statement – not intended to be answered)
  • Hyperbole (Exaggeration – statements to not be taken literally)
  • Alliteration (Using the same letter at the start of two connected words. E.g. Awesome Alliteration)

Jobs (French)

A list of jobs in French:

un bouchera butcher
un chanteura singer
un chauffeura driver
un chirurgiena surgeon
un chefa chef
un coiffeura hairdresser
un comptablean accountant
un conciergea caretaker
un dentistea dentist
un directeura head teacher
un électricienan electrician
un facteura postman
un géranta manager
un infirmiera nurse
un informaticienan IT specialist
un ingénieuran engineer
un jardiniera gardener
un journalistea journalist
un maçona builder/bricklayer
un mécaniciena mechanic
un médecina doctor
un pompiera fireman
un professeura teacher
un routiera lorry driver
un sécretairea secretary
un serveura waiter
un vendeura sales assistant