Edexcel Religious Studies: Unit 16.3 Mark’s Gospel – Death and resurrection – Key Words

Key WordDefinition
Blasphemyassociating oneself with God/language or deeds which insult God.
Crucifixionthe Roman death penalty suffered by Jesus when he was nailed to the cross
Feast of Unleavened Breadthe first day of the Passover festival
Gethsemanethe place where Jesus was arrested
Golgothathe place of the skull; the place where Jesus was crucified
High Priestthe chief Jewish leader at the time of Jesus
Judas Iscariotthe disciple who betrayed Jesus
Last Supperthe last meal Jesus ate with his discipled which founded the Eucharist
PassoverJewish festival celebrating the release from Egypt
Pontius Pilatethe Roman procurator (governor) of Judea at the time of Jesus
Sanhedrinthe supreme Jewish council which found Jesus guilty of blasphemy
Upper Roomthe place where the Last Supper took place

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