Edexcel Physics P3 – Absolute Zero and Kelvins

Absolute Zero is -273ºC which is equivalent to zero kelvin (0K)

To convert a temperature in degrees celsius to kelvins, simply add 273 to it.
To convert a temperature in kelvins to degrees celcius, subtract 273 from it.

Example Conversions:

33ºC = 306 Kelvins (306K)
-185ºC = 88 Kelvins (88K)
287ºC = 560 Kelvins (560K)


The higher the temperature…

  • The more the particles move
  • The higher the Kinetic Energy (K.E.) of the particles
  • The further apart the particles
At 0K (Absolute Zero), particles have Zero kinetic energy.
Kinetic energy and temperature are directly proportionate to each other.