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Structural Devices

  • Headlines (Heading/title at the top of an article or page)
  • Subheadings (Heading of a subsection of a piece of text)
  • Connectives (Used to connect words/phrases (e.g. and, or, as))
  • Paragraphs
  • Topic sentences
  • Discourse features

Linguistic Devices

  • (In)formal register (Formality of the language used)
  • Metaphors (A thing regarded symbolic of something else)
  • Similes (Figure of speech – comparison of one thing with another)
  • Personification (Attributing non-human items with human characteristics)
  • Repetition (Repeating something that has already been said or written)
  • Groups of three (Repeating something three times for effect)
  • Modifiers (An adjective or noun used attributively)
  • Emotive Language (Expressing feelings)
  • Imperatives (Giving an authoritative commands)
  • Modal Verbs (Must, should, could, can)
  • Rhetorical Questions (Asked to produce an effect/make a statement – not intended to be answered)
  • Hyperbole (Exaggeration – statements to not be taken literally)
  • Alliteration (Using the same letter at the start of two connected words. E.g. Awesome Alliteration)